Hole - Z. Z. Bland

Z. Z. Bland

This is a song that details elements of the struggle. Bills, unemployment, doing bad and all of that. Z. Z. is crooning his heart out about trying to deal with it.

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    Hole 5:34

"Byron LOVE Luv" is an entertainer who has actively been a part of Dallas, Texas entertainment for years. 

Byron LOVE Luv is actually a Dallas underground legend formerly known as "DTR - Down To Rock" with history dating back to 1982, prior to D.O.C. leaving the Fila Fresh Crew. He was an undefeated battle-rapper who went on to release two albums in
1989 (Dope Straight From The SouthSide) and 1990 (SouthSide Dopeness).
The "buzz" was on as he performed with D.J. Earthquake (Floyd) , J-Blade (Johnny Nutson) and Vanilla Ice while recording with Goldfinger (Dale Lane of "Sheek Fool" fame) and Quint Black (Q. Banks of "Shake Dem Haters Off" fame).
He was on the way.
The streets took a hold of him and he went to prison in 1991. He returned in 1999.
The success of it resulted in Jive Records considering a recording contract. 
After the deal fell through, he released "Total Destruction in 2007 
Raw Dirty in 2008 http://www.amazon.ca/Raw-Dirty-Hell-Recordz-Presents/dp/B000SH3VSS as he took the helm of his brother's (Willie Littlefield Jr.) record label - GO 2 HELL RECORDz
He began making yet another transition.
In 2010, he began doing the internet radio show - "Byron LOVE Luv & Tha A-1 Show" on 1st Amendment Radio. This was not Blog Talk or Fishbowl. The success propelled the station beyond a million listeners/followers.
He then transitioned into video and film. As an inexperienced film-maker he created a movie called "7-5-2-1-5". With minimal and sub par equipment, it was still marginally successful.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy1KKkJ6D-s
The show "Oak Cliff HouseWives" soon followed. It became a regional and YouTube phenomenon. So, it was taken to television. The show quickly became number one on YouTube and then television.(55.4 KAZD BCTV)
In 2013, carried over to 2014, there was the release of a mixtape that has received over 10,000 downloads. 
More television shows (and possibly "Oak Cliff Housewives") are about to be on television in the Dallas, TX area again and two other television shows are in production, in addition to a new movie.
Byron LOVE Luv
(DTR - Down To Rock)
[Michael Anderson]
Bon-Ton Entertainment
P.O. Box 150452
Dallas, Texas 75315
(214) 552-4906

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