This Brother REALLY Breaks X-Mas Down Right Here! #BigFacts

In this episode the celebration of "Christmas" (and other holidays) serve as the topic of discussion. The central focus is why "Christmas" is a farce. However, the accompanying information is the food for thought that just feeds your soul.

This is the OFFICIAL fifth episode of Season 1 of the phenomenal show that is steadily growing. Hosted by Byron LOVE Luv and Ces Tha Don. This is "Tha UnWatered-Down SHOW" (Tha UnWatered-Down SHOW Ep. 5) !

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Music contained herein includes:

Christmas I'll Be Steppin' - R. Kelly
This Christmas (Bounce Mix) - Donny Hathaway
Christmas On Death Row (Santa Claus Comes Straight to the Ghetto) - Various Artists
'Tis the Season - B.O.B.
Merry Christmas Baby (Bounce Mix) - Otis Redding
Santa's Rap - Treacherous Three
Christmas in Hollis - Run D.M.C.
Silent Night - Temptations
Merry Muthafuckin' X-Mas - Eazy E
Stay Woke - Oshun

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