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Connect Tha T.H.O.T.s - SOUNDTRACK - Various DALLAS Artists featuring, Head Krack, Paul Wall & Boosie

PIMP SCRIPTURES - The Book of Byron - A thorough book about relationships and interaction

Comedic advice and life instructions

H.A.P.S. - Hustling and Pimp Shit - Byron LOVE Luv's cd with over 10,000 downloads

After the Jive Records "deal" and before the release of the movie, this multi-talented impresario found time to drop this classic

7-5-2-1-5 A South Dallas Story - Throwed movie about a couple of ghetto victims who comically have mishap after mishap

A pair of idiotic friends experience the day-to-day struggle  and perils of trying to "get money" in the hood

Upgrade - DTR - Down To Rock

DTR's 1st OFFICIAL album after his prison stint. This album grabbed the attention of Jive Records (they offered a deal). This album yielded the hit "Fat Booty In the Jeans" which had over a million views during Youtube's 1st year in existence (before being removed and later added back).

The Byron Johnson Story - Rob - C. & Byron LOVE Luv

Rob C (Bishop Parlay Johnson) and Byron LOVE Luv (DTR - Down To Rock) are long-time collaborators and friends fro the 80s. They finally mashed out an official album here. It is a certified banger! Available NOW!

Go 2 Hell Recordz Presents...RAW Dirty - Raw Dirty (DTR, ShakeDown & Sinfull Psycho C)

This album never really saw light in the United States.  However, overseas sales were astronomical and hugely successful. Domestically, the songs "Alone" (now featured on the "Connect Tha T.H.OT.s soundtrack"), "Krack Rock" and "South Dallas" were regional  hits.

Total Destruction - Go 2 Hell Recordz Army

As Go To Hell Records made a transition, Littlefield (Mr. U Gone Die) passed the baton to DTR as C.E.O. This cd was a result of the progressive changes made

Jungle (Concrete) - Single

Jungle (Concrete) - iTunes Spotify Google Play

State of the Black "Union" - Single Spotify

This is a song about the current conditions of Black People

Connect Tha T.H.O.T.s (Movie) - Feature Film - Buy the Movie