Byron LOVE Luv (DTR) Music!

Bon-Ton Entertainment

H.A.P.S. (Hustling and Pimp Sh*t)

by Byron Love Luv

Released 2015
Bon-Ton Muzak
Released 2015
Bon-Ton Muzak
True hip-hop, down South, different real rapper
DTR Down To Rock now known as "Byron LOVE Luv"
Byron LOVE Luv
Bon-Ton Entertainment
P.O. Box 150452
Dallas, Texas 75315

This is a “child of the '80s” that started rapping when he was nine years old with a variety of aliases from "Mike on the Mic" to "Dr. Jamm" and "M.C. Mic". He eventually became DTR (Devastating Tough Rapper later Down To Rock) before transitioning to "Byron LOVE Luv".
His immediate role models were his brothers Otis Ray (Kid Rap On - The BowLegged Lover) & Willie Littlefield (Kidd Fresh The Poet) who placed him in their group The Super Rhyme Rockers along with Tasha Harper (Garfield) back then. You could literally count how many rappers existed at this time. Byron LOVE Luv was one of the first of the city of Dallas to do it – PERIOD.
That's what the scene was for Byron LOVE Luv as a toddler to teenager. He made a name for himself destroying any and all, battling anyone who dared to rap in his presence (including WDAWR - former Fila Fresh Crew members who rapped with the D.O.C.). To this day, he STILL remains undefeated in a rap battle or freestyle.
Byron LOVE Luv began dealing with Goldfinger (from "Scheek Fool" fame) and Quinton "M.C. Black" Banks (now known as Quint Black formerly of Too Short Records). They separately transitioned Byron LOVE Luv from a street battle rapper to one who can record songs.
Byron LOVE Luv began working with "D.J. Earthquake" (Floyd), Johnny "Blade" Nutson & Louie "Da Wolf" White (host of "Da Blues" and personality of Soul 73 KKDA AM in Grand Prairie, Tx). Tommy Quon, a mutual associate, was prepping the world for "Vanilla Ice". Byron LOVE Luv was to be a part of the movement. The world saw the movement.
After releasing 2 subsequent locally, successful (underground) albums -
Dope Straight From The South Side and South Side Dopeness, Byron LOVE Luv was in the streets. He became a product of his environment. He experienced problems with “the law” that cost him eight years.
Upon returning at the turn of the century, Byron LOVE Luv released
"When HE Get Out?" (2000) with the help of Big E. (Earnest Smith).
He came up with "Let Me Be Your G-String" and created a minute buzz.
In 2001, his brother W. Littlefield joked around with the concept of starting a label calling it "Go To Hell" meaning you're either with him or you can go to hell. He recorded with (now defunct) PowerHouze Records before their success with the Young Hustlaz or the morph into C.L.O.U.T. Records. Byron LOVE Luv was a part of the times.
In 2005, Byron LOVE Luv did a number of shows and completed recording his cd UPGRADE. On it, he worked with Piranha Records, Highland Hills Productions (Big Dank King, Krazy Mic & Lo-Macc), Ballernaires (Redd), Mind Eye Productions, The Axis. 2-3-M-G, High Society Productions, Raylow of the Rowgish Clique and Grifter (Alienz - Black Azz Wayne & Young Solja). The label Jive Records considered a deal in 2005 on the strength of the song
"Put Ti 'N Da Shop" from Upgrade.
The deal fell through. Still, the video for "Fat Booty in the Jeans" from this cd was still a huge success. After appearing on BET's un-cut before the show itself was cut, it surpassed a MILLION in views on YouTube before it was removed. It was recently added back.

Go 2 Hell Recordz is now defunct. The new label is Bon-Ton Muzak.
By way of the mixtape circuit and the underground, Byron LOVE Luv has maintained relevance even in his absence.
He took a break to write a book. Now as an author/entertainer/C.E.O., all we can anticipate is greatness.